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Prioritizing the Health of Canadian Children through Organic Food and Education


The GUHAH Way is a Canadian not-for-profit foundation dedicated to promoting healthy eating and organic food for children. Most Canadians would agree that the health and welfare of our children are a top priority. If Canadian children grow up healthy and happy, there is a much greater chance they will reach their full potential.

At GUHAH, we believe the best way that we as a country can do this is through several specific measures that promote healthy eating and natural foods.

Did you know?

Many Canadian schools do not have food programs, or continue to offer unhealthy and processed foods to our youth.

Did you know?

95% of the food we consume is produced by large industrial farms which use an abundance of synthetic chemicals such as fungicides, herbicides and insecticides, in which their residues remain on (and in) the food we eat.

Did you know?

A recent study published in the Journal of Environmental Pollution found that organic food intake during childhood was associated with higher cognitive function.

Did you know?

Children and fetuses are most vulnerable to pesticide exposure because their immune systems, bodies and brains are still developing. Early exposure can increase risk of diabetes, allergies, gut health disorders, childhood and adult cancers, birth defects, infertility and pregnancy loss, neurological impairments, immune system disorders, and neurodevelopmental delay such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD).

Did you know?

Regulations in Canada governing the use of pesticides and the potential impacts of pesticides on food and health are among the weakest in the developed world.

Our Mission

To be a collective voice in creating a health-conscious lifestyle for our children and future generations by reconnecting them with the earth and teaching them about the benefits of eating organic foods.

Our core objectives

1. Implement a fully organic breakfast and lunch meal program in every Canadian school from K-12

2. Collaborate with government and school boards to usher-in curriculum that teaches children how to grow organic food and permits them to spend time in nature

3. Build a national strategy that repositions family farms as the backbone of Canada’s agricultural

Together, We Are Stronger!

It’s time to collectively raise awareness and educate our fellow Canadians on the importance of organic agriculture and eating. We want our children Growing Up Healthy and Happy for generations to come. If you agree, consider joining our movement!


By Frank Stronach - Founder, The GUHAH Way