An Open Letter to Concerned Parents

Who’s watching out to make sure our kids have the chance to grow up healthy and happy? 

Our children are being exposed to harmful chemicals in the air they breathe, the water they drink, and the foods they eat. But no one is watching out for our kids: not our medical associations, not our school boards, and not our politicians. Ultimately, it’s up to parents to band together to bring about change. 

Shockingly, one of the worst sources of unhealthy, chemical-filled foods are the elementary and high schools where children spend most of their day and the fast-food chain restaurants that surround those schools. These foods are loaded with salt, sugar, processed carbohydrates and industrial fats. They’re also laced with chemicals, preservatives, stabilizers, artificial colours and simulated flavours.

Dr. Mark Hyman, one of the world’s most outspoken proponents of all-natural, healthy food and author of the book Food Fix, said the following: “Our children’s future is threatened by an achievement gap caused in large part by their inability to learn well after consuming the processed foods and sugar served in schools.” Tim Ryan, author of The Real Food Revolution, has sounded the alarm about the aggressive food marketing aimed at our children. The average child in the US sees approximately 5,000 commercials per year promoting unhealthy junk foods high in sugar and fat versus a meagre 50 commercials per year that promote healthy foods.

Parents want their children to grow up in a healthy world – a world with clean air, clean water and foods that are all-natural. Unfortunately, it’s incredibly difficult to make changes in our current political system. There are many good politicians who want to bring about positive change, but when they do they often encounter roadblocks and resistance.

The fact is governments have been slow to bring about the sort of changes parents want for their children. These changes include comprehensive nutritional education and healthy, organic foods and meals in our schools, where our children spend a large part of their day. No child in Canada should ever have to go to school hungry or should ever have to return home hungry. Schools should provide nutritious meals made with organic food, free of charge, to all students. And although organic school meals would cost a little more than what we currently spend, they would save billions of dollars in health care costs over the long term.

That’s why now, more than ever, our children need a strong voice. They need parents who are willing to come together to represent their children’s interests in our schools, at our school boards, and in our halls of government. I believe The GUHAH Way can be that organization.

Many of the parents I meet are worried and frustrated by the lack of action. They love their children and want to create the healthiest environment possible for them. I invite these parents and others who share these concerns to join our movement.

By democratically joining together to discuss these issues, by bringing forward clear-cut and practical solutions, and by mobilizing widespread support, we can make a difference for our children.

Let’s take back control of our children’s health one school at a time!


Frank Stronach,

Founder, The GUHAH Way