The GUHAH Way Foundation is a national not-for-profit association established to ensure that our children grow up healthy and happy. We provide access to natural, organic food as well as applied knowledge and training in organic regenerative agriculture and nutrition science. Our Foundation integrates the nutritional needs of children with their desire for hands-on, enriched learning.

Our founder, Frank Stronach, is providing the organization’s seed money. The rest of the mission relies on grassroots initiative: We need you!

Parents are coming together to create local and provincial GUHAH Way chapter across Canada to create a movement for positive change in our schools.


All of the organization’s activities must directly focus on promoting healthy eating and organic foods for Canadian children in order to enhance their overall health and well-being.

No child should go to school hungry, therefore an organic breakfast is served at school. No child must leave the school hungry therefore an organic lunch must be served to the kids.

We have to reconnect children with nature, whereby the school curriculum should be amended whereby children are taught how to grow organic foods. From grade one to 6 a half day per week. From grade 7 to 12 a full day per week. In the wintertime - in greenhouses, and in the summertime - in summer gardens.

All activities must support the preservation and promotion of family farms as the foundation of organic farming.

Why the Guhah Way?

Frank Stronach, Founder

Let's take back control of our children’s health one school at a time.

Steve Hinder, National Director

In 2004, he served as the Constituency Manager for the Honourable Belinda Stronach, Member of Parliament for Newmarket-Aurora. He served as a member of Aurora Council (1997-2000) and has been on a number of committees for the Town of Aurora, including the Traffic Study Committee, Code of Ethics Committee, School Guard Feasibility Committee, Leisure Services Advisory Committee and Governance Committee.

Jen Lummiss, National Director

Jen Lummiss has been a professional educator for over 15 years. Jen has taken several courses which qualify her to teach grades Kindergarten to grade 12 specializing in Literacy, History, Physical Education and Outdoor Education.

Renée Ford, National Director, Secretary

Renée Ford is an experienced leader in Public Communications, Nutrition and Health-Risk Planning & Management with 20 years of hands-on experience as a business owner, public speaker, and holistic health educator.

Melinda DeNicola, National Director

Melinda DeNicola is an entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in business management and marketing, having served as a driving force behind numerous successful communications, fundraising, and brand awareness campaigns for organizations in the energy, sustainability, education, philanthropic and technology sectors.

Daniel Lajeunesse, National Director

Daniel has leveraged his career to extensively travel the world and live in various countries, giving him a unique perspective on the value of health, transportation, business, and community.

DR. JESSICA DUPONT, National Director

Dr. Jessica Dupont is a Naturopathic Doctor, Birth Doula, mother, author, public speaker and plant-based foodie. She also works at Stronach International Inc. and sits on the board for the GUHAH Way Foundation. She maintains a medical practice specializing in Hormonal Regulation, Women’s Health, Fertility, & Perinatal Care with a concentration on toxin removal and detoxification. Dr. Jessica integrates conventional medical research with Naturopathic principles and modalities giving her patients a unique integrative approach to their health to allow the body to restore balance and achieve optimal wellness.

Dr. Jessica obtained her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine degree from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine after completing a Bachelor of Science Degree with Honours in Biopharmaceutical Science and Clinical Research in Breast Cancer with the Faculty of Medicine at University of Ottawa. Dr. Jessica is an advocate for animals and a healthy organic, plant-based lifestyle.

Steve Bruno, National Director

A visionary community builder, Steve Bruno has brought masterfully-designed and superior constructed homes to Ontario families for over 20 years. As Principal of Calibrex Developments, based in Newmarket, Steve, is at the helm of a young-thinking, vertically-integrated development company with an executive team dedicated to raising the innovation bar with every new project undertaken.

A consummate professional, mentor and philanthropist, Steve gives back in many ways including joining the Newmarket Economic Development Advisory Committee as a member for the last four years. A long-time supporter of United Way, the Niagara Furniture Food Bank and The Food Pantry, Steve and Calibrex also supports the YWCA, Yellow Brick House, Bike Me Up, Westview Centre for Women, and Nightlight Youth Shelter by providing furniture, bicycles and household items for residents all year round.

Cynthia Mitchell, National Director

Cynthia is a Registered Nutritional Consultant Practitioner, with a focus on Functional Medicine. Cynthia has worked over 30 years in the field of corporate food service, providing healthy foods and nutrition education in the workplace. Her focus is to improve health through organic foods, healthy lifestyle, and supporting optimal function of the digestive system, micro-biome, and detox pathways. She has a passion for nature, and organic regenerative agriculture. She has worked at in private practice as well as at Magna International Inc, Good For You Food Services, Adena Farms, and Frank’s Organic Garden.