Our Mission and Guiding Principles

The GUHAH Way Foundation is growing by the day, as a lifestyle philosophy dedicated to ensuring our Canadian children have the opportunity to grow up healthy and happy! We believe that children’s health is one of the key components to a sustainable and prosperous future for our country. As a not-for-profit foundation, we aim to provide access to natural, organic food as well as applied knowledge and training in organic regenerative agriculture and nutrition science. Our foundation integrates the nutritional needs of children with their desire for hands-on, enriched learning. 

Why Organic?

A diet consisting of whole and natural organic food is essential for our children to achieve their full potential. Doing so will improve the mental and physical well-being, as well as intellectual capacity of young Canadians. We often overlook the negative effects contemporary agricultural practices have on the physical and intellectual development of our children. Most of the large industrial farms in Canada and the United States apply large amounts of chemicals to their crops and orchards to prevent them from being destroyed by insects. We have a duty to minimize our children's exposure to these chemicals for their long-term health and wellness.

This is Where GUHAH Comes In!

Parents, families, and concerned citizens are joining our movement daily, in an effort to come together to create Regional and Provincial GUHAH boards across Canada. We are creating a movement for positive change in our schools and communities. This initiative requires support, volunteers and advocates to help us reach our goals, and gains power in numbers, enabling us to be a collective voice in raising awareness and educating fellow Canadians.

Our Core Objectives & Commitments

Providing Nutritious, Organic Food to All Canadian Children

We are working with MPs from all 338 federal ridings to introduce fully organic breakfast and lunch meal programs in every school.  The results of this program would be dramatic: no child would go to, or leave, school hungry or deprived of critical nutrients.


We collaborate with provincial governments to usher-in curriculum that teaches children how to grow organic food as well as the importance of healthy eating, while reconnecting to nature. We recommend children from Grades 1-6 spend a half-day per week, and students in Grades 7-12 spend one entire day per week, in studies and hands-on learning related to organic agriculture.


Family farmers are the backbone of our country, invaluable and rapidly vanishing. We want to see Canada provide fair subsidies and wages for organic farm labour and develop a National strategy to re-invigorate family farms while they make the transition to organic farming. Industrial farms are not suitable to grow organic food because they lack the biodiversity necessary to do so.


We collaborate with all levels of government, private sector stakeholders, and civil society

We write position statements and letters to decision makers regarding food policy within Canada. We meet with school boards, local government officials, and major political leaders to discuss the importance of organics, our children's health, and the priority that it is to have an organic food program in schools while supporting local farms. We contribute to academic research and studies that help further identify the growing need for re-evaluation of our children’s health.

We grow daily in our number of supporters

Over the next year, GUHAH will also be putting a plan in place to support entire school communities and local farmers to grow their school food programs, from integrating an onsite garden program and curriculum, into the school cafeterias and food programs. 

We must support each other and stay connected.  Our initiative is to connect gardeners, local organic farms (or those transitioning), regional board directors, volunteers, educators and Canadian schools who are doing amazing things to bring about change in the current school food system. 


Local organic farmers - Organic associations and organizations - Canadian schools - Organizations providing garden programs in schools - Farms transitioning to organic - Supportive decision makers

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Code of Ethics

All of the GUHAH Way foundation’s activities must center around promoting healthy eating and organic food for Canadian children in order to enhance their overall health and well-being.